Departmental News

Northwest forests are becoming denser and more vulnerable to fire

While large fires have had dramatic impacts in some Pacific Northwest forests, only about 10 percent of the forested lands in the eastern Cascades have burned in the last 30 years, and young trees and dense forests are continuing to grow at a rate that outstrips losses from disturbance.

Deschutes Collaborative Forest Project shows targeted thinning, burns can save homes

"We really don't have the capacity in most places to do the work at anything like the scale needed," said John Bailey, an Oregon State University professor of silviculture and fire management.

Extension program makes a difference for women forest managers

In 2015, the Oregon Women Owning Woodlands Network (WOWnet) celebrated ten years of being a resource for women who are the primary managers and owners of woodland property. WOWnet is an Oregon State University and College of Forestry and Natural Resources Extension education program which recognizes the growing number of women taking on a wide range of active woodland management rolls.